About SOSJ Consulting

PhD and Honours Degree qualified, Sandra draws upon over 15 years of private and public sector experience in the areas of sustainability, environment, climate change, low-carbon, circular economy, energy management and renewable energy. Sandra is passionate about helping industry and business to achieve sustainability goals while improving efficiencies.

Since 2016, Sandra has an ongoing role as Expert Evaluator for the European Commission as part of the European Innovation Council Accelerator Programme. This programme supports high-risk, high-potential small and medium-sized business and innovators to develop and bring to market innovations that support the European Green Deal and ‘Fit for 55’ policy areas:

  • climate change mitigation and adaptation,
  • clean, affordable and secure energy,
  • transitioning of industry to clean and/or circular economy,
  • accelerating the shift to sustainable and smart mobility,
  • realising a zero emissions ambition.

SOSJ Consulting helps business optimise efficiencies in reducing energy spend, measuring carbon footprint and other sustainability impacts.




SOSJ Consulting delivers expert advice to government, business and people helping to measure, understand and reduce the impact of carbon and energy intensive activities in your value chain.

Sustainability Advice

SOSJ Consulting helps government, business and people improve their environmental footprint. Expert guidance includes zero emissions planning, climate change mitigation, environmental management, renewable energy planning, circular economy, and sustainable rural enterprise initiatives.

Practical sustainability advice is delivered ensuring that all environmental, financial and social parameters are considered.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Carbon Footprint)

SOSJ Consulting identifies and calculates greenhouse gas emissions (Carbon Footprint) associated with your business and helps you to understand how these can be reduced.

From this Carbon Footprint, Carbon Management Plans and/or Net Zero Emissions Roadmap can be developed to help organisations navigate towards their carbon emission target and/or climate neutrality goal.  Marginal Abatement Cost Curve (MACC) Analysis can be delivered, this will compare the investment performance of carbon abatement opportunities at different cost scenarios (examples of carbon abatement opportunities are: energy efficiency, clean energy, carbon offsets). This type of analyses allows the user to easily understand what volumes of abatement can be achieved and the costs at a particular point in time.The MACC curve provides an essential tool for strategic decision making in carbon reduction and zero emissions planning.

SOSJ Consulting has delivered Carbon Footprints, Carbon Management Plans, Net Zero Emissions Roadmaps and MACC’s for Government, Municipal Authorities, Electricity Networks, Water and Wastewater Utilities and a wide range of private industry sectors.

Energy Management

Our energy audits help clients realise energy cost savings.

An energy audit is a comprehensive review of energy bills and operations and provides a clear breakdown of your energy use by category with detailed recommendations for improving energy efficiency, reducing energy costs and mitigating against future cost increases.

SOSJ Consulting delivers customised energy audits and energy assessments for each client.

Renewable Energy

As an Independent consultant SOSJ Consulting provides impartial advice and does not represent any technology supplier.

Business operations can be assessed and the most suitable opportunities for renewable energy recommended. Renewable energy recommendations included a detailed financial investment assessment.

Tailored Advice

Since 2016, SOSJ Consulting has been delivering high quality independent reviews, project evaluations,  management plans, strategies, feasibility assessments, cost benefit analyses, marginal abatement cost curve analysss, case studies and business cases.

SOSJ Consulting helps resolve sustainability issues by providing practical solutions.

SOSJ Consulting draws upon expertise from a wide range of fields including fisheries management, climate change mitigation and adaptation, water and wastewater, energy management, renewable energy, sustainable rural enterprise, sustainable development and carbon offsets.

Business Cases

SOSJ Consulting helps deliver business cases for government and private sector in low-carbon, energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport, green technology and emerging innovations. This support includes research and technical due diligence.

SOSJ Consulting draws upon international experience as Expert Evaluator for the European Commission’s EIC Accelerator Programme.

Recent Projects

Assisting the local Noosa community work towards their 2026 zero net greenhouse gas emissions target. Development of 10 case studies of Noosa businesses that have invested in solar with the aim of encouraging other businesses to invest in solar.

The case studies document the type of business, solar system size, payback period, financial and electricity savings for that business. Depending on the business, payback periods are under less than 2 years with significant financial savings.

Case Studies Overview

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Noosa Marina

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Paint Right Noosa

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Di Henshall Interior Design

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Andrew’s A Grade Mechanical

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Noosa Sun Motel

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